Adios Muchacho!

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This is my favorite line from Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi and today I’m saying it loudly…

Adios Muchacho!

The reason is the last couple of weeks we’ve said goodbye to a couple of resources we’ve used over the last few years as they’ve decided to close up shop.

First was Examiner.

This little gem was good for getting authority links without all the scrutinity from some of the other more authoritative sites.

There were people even on Fiverr offering this as a service.

Secondly, is RebelMouse.

They’re not closing down, however they’re closing their Freebie model to target a paid model for B to B clients.

This little gem was great because you could create a page around your keyword, add some content, and then hit it with links and it would rank.

Now, I don’t blame them because I’m doing less and less of the freebie stuff too -and only focused on a couple of channels instead of trying to be everywhere.

It’s a bit contrary to what others are saying, however it works for me.

And I’m less stressed by it.

That’s a story for another time, though…

I’ll be the first to admit I’m sad to see these two little gems go because I’ve used and abused them for years now.

However, I’ve not put all my eggs in these baskets.

And you shouldn’t either.

You can use authority sites like these for quick money makers, however it should never be where you’re banking on them being their tomorrow.

Instead, there’s a word I’m going to use over and over again and highlight in the presentation on Wednesday night.

It’s what separates the men from the boys.

The winners from the losers.

And it’s something you can use to automate your SEO in an hour a week.

Got you interested yet?

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Derek Pierce

PS – One of the last live webinars I did, I said Adios Muchacho on some keyboard cowboy, and kicked him off the call for talking smack in the chat box.

We’ll see if we have any drama on the web class, rest assured if we do I’ll handle it 🙂

The only way to see is get the popcorn and get a seat by going here —>



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