Bill’s Dirty Talk

Yesterday we were talking about Hillary coughing up a secret SEO strategy that I recently revealed to Inner Circle members last Monday…

I feel it’s almost blasphemy that we don’t bring up Bill and his dirty talk…

To be honest, I’ve always been a little envious of smooth talkin’ “Bubba”.

For I am not the smooth talker.

And I’m not the womanizer.

Let me tell you a rather sad but true story…

Not only did I meet my wife in the lingerie department but…


Not only did she ask me out, I was smooth enough to suggest we go dutch…

And not only did she ask me out….

I was so nervous I got sick on our first 3 dates…

Now, before you laugh – it must of worked because I’ve been married almost 17 years 🙂

Big Bill’s smooth talk on the other hand has landing him in some hot water over the years.

And in this training, I not only reveal Hillary’s Secret SEO strategy on manipulating the search results, but I’ll also do some dirty talkin’ of my own.

See, a few months ago, the web was all in an uproar because they thought Google was manipulating the search results to favor Hillary.

And you’ll see how you can do this same technique to improve your search results.

I’ll reveal how to use this technique to increase your rankings but you’ll also see the sneaky side of using this special technique that’s just pure evil.

No one is talking about this but you’ll see it all when you join the Inner Circle call within the next few days.

This training will be marked “Classified”, so to see this and get all the good stuff you need to be on the inside – that means you must be a  current Inner Circle or Black Ops Elite member.

Not a member yet?

It’s time you get on the inside.

Fair warning though…

These programs are advanced.

And they are expensive.

However – you see firsthand what works.

No guesswork and I don’t use a “body double”.

It’s yours truly laying it all out for you…

So, if you dig – just hit me back to setup a time to chat sometime this weekend to see if we can make it happen.

Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce

I'm the world's leading expert at writing awesome bio's, lover of dogs, affiliate marketing and SEO trainer.

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