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Bill’s Dirty Talk

Yesterday we were talking about Hillary coughing up a secret SEO strategy that I recently revealed to Inner Circle members last Monday… I feel it’s almost blasphemy that we don’t bring up Bill and his dirty talk… To be honest, I’ve always been a little envious of smooth talkin’ “Bubba”. For I am not the […]

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Hillary Coughs Up Secret SEO Strategy

A few months ago, the web went bonkers over Google manipulation… Here’s the video that stirred it all up… “Say it ain’t so DP!” Here’s what would happen is when someone would type in the search results Hillary Clinton and the letter C It wouldn’t autocomplete the word “criminal” or “criminal investigation” Despite that there […]

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The Lingerie Department

This may be a little too much info for some you – regardless I’m going to tell you this anyway… About 18 years ago I took this job I wasn’t exactly sure at the time if it was the right move. The job was in one of those cell phone booth’s inside Wal-Mart. I’d man […]

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Fight Night

Last night I watched the big fight and it lived up to all the hype. That was probably the best fight I’ve seen in my life even dating back to the Tyson fights I watched as a kid. I remember several of my friends pooling our money together to watch Tyson’s first fight out of […]

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Adios Muchacho!

[vc_video link=’’] This is my favorite line from Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi and today I’m saying it loudly… Adios Muchacho! The reason is the last couple of weeks we’ve said goodbye to a couple of resources we’ve used over the last few years as they’ve decided to close up shop. First was Examiner. This little gem […]

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You’re Invited

Monday’s almost over. You glad? If you can make it till my web class on Wednesday – it will all be better. In addition to the updates I’ll be making here on PierceTV. I’ve got your invitation to register here for my upcoming webclass. This morning though, I walked into the laundry room into a big […]

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