Fight Night

Last night I watched the big fight and it lived up to all the hype.

That was probably the best fight I’ve seen in my life even dating back to the Tyson fights I watched as a kid.

I remember several of my friends pooling our money together to watch Tyson’s first fight out of prison against Peter McNeeley and he destroyed that guy in the first round.

Last night there was a couple of those before the big dance between McGregor and Diaz…

Here's a clip if you're interested…

The conditioning by these two guys was unreal.

At the beginning of the fight, McGregor was on point and looked unstoppable, but later on it appeared he was out of gas.

It reminded me of a quote from Vince Lombardi –

“Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All”

And how you often need stamina even with your online business to see the breakthroughs you’ve always wanted.

Take me for example…

My first exposure to the online world was after I’d listened to a couple of audio programs discussing how to make cheap ebooks and selling them in all these random niche markets.

At the time, I was struggling as a real estate investor and didn’t know a lick of code.

My friend had dreamweaver and showed me a few things and off to the races we were.

Don’t laugh, but here’s what I had bought…

I’d picked up domains for tree house plans, chess strategies, and get this –

Ghost Hunting!

Now, I don’t know a thing about ghost hunting, however I had a site where I was going to sell an ebook.

After I’d picked up all the domains, I’d contracted several to write books on all the topics.

And I waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Never got any of those books.

And never made a dime from any of those projects.

I was out several months and hundreds of dollars from running ads for surveys and capturing leads.

The reason I tell you this is simple.

Not everything is going to be a home run.

I had some losers.

And several dumb ideas.

However I kept plugging away.

And no matter where you are with your business – you should keep plugging too.

The other side is worth it.

I’m pulling for you.

Derek Pierce

PS – On a side note, we talk all the time about backlinks, however this week we’ll spending more time discussing your on page optimization.

Derek Pierce

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