Hillary Coughs Up Secret SEO Strategy

A few months ago, the web went bonkers over Google manipulation…

Here's the video that stirred it all up…

“Say it ain’t so DP!”

Here’s what would happen is when someone would type in the search results Hillary Clinton and the letter C

It wouldn’t autocomplete the word “criminal” or “criminal investigation”

Despite that there was a surge of people searching for “Hillary Clinton criminal investigation” or “Hillary Clinton indictment”

Now, I’m not getting into the political argument however there’s something to be said for doing a similar technique for your websites and client websites that will drastically improve your SEO…

And that’s what we’ll be talking about on this week’s upcoming Inner Circle call.

It’s what I call the “Hillary SEO Formula”.

You don’t have to be a Democrat, a Republican or even a registered voter to start using this technique.

Truth is, I blogged about this a little over a year ago and I’ve made some tweaks to how we’re pulling this off.

If you missed out on the Inner Circle offer or if you’re just now reading my stuff, then you still got time to get in before the cut off.

Here’s how…

I’ve got an advanced 6 week training program called SEO Black Ops “Elite”.

In my humble opinion, this is hands down the best training program on the planet.

And here’s why it’s different from anything else you’ve seen.

For starters, I don’t do a dump of everything I know on you all at once.

That’s not beneficial to anyone.

The reason why is if I “brain dumped” everything I know from the last 8-10 years of my business – you’ll be left scratching your head going what did I just get myself into?

Chances are you’ve been down that road already and it’s left you even more confused.

That’s why I’ve got this program.

It’s 6 weeks.

It is advanced.

However – it flat out works.

And each week we are building on the previous week’s lesson.

It’s not for everyone, because this will require “work” on your part.

You will have homework to complete.

And it’s not cheap.

In other words what I’m trying to say is that “if you’re looking for the next shiny object – this ain’t it”.

However – if you’re looking to create a real business that pays you month after month, that you can grow over time – then this may very well be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

When you join, you’ll also get to take part in our Inner Circle calls as well that take place 2 times per month.

If you’d like to know more then hit me up to see if this is a fit for you and what you're trying to do…

I’m not going to do any “mind tricks” or anything like that to get you to join – you already know if you need it or not.

And it's not going to effect me one iota 🙂



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