Quit Tebowing

Some of you may be Tebow fans and that’s ok.

As you probably know, Tebow is now shooting to play pro baseball after being cut from multiple teams to play quarterback…

However there’s a trait here that really annoys me with Tebow.

And I’ve even caught myself doing the same thing.

When I see it – I slap myself and say “Quit Tebowing.”

I’m telling you now to stop Tebowing.

And I’m not referencing the prayer or one-kneeing it.

It came to me when I was listening to an audiobook last week while I was working out.

It was talking about the path of least resistance.

See, Tebow was begged by multiple teams to play a position other than quarterback, however he wouldn’t budge.

And now, it appears as if he’s starting all over again with a new dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

Nothing wrong with the dream to be a pro athlete – however the kid had a career for years as a pro football player for anything other than a QB.

It’s almost like many of us…

We think things need to be complex, hard, or we make them more difficult on ourselves.

Going against the grain is not the best option, especially when there’s an easier solution.

Quit Tebowing and grab my Page One Reloaded plugin while the price is still low and remember you get the bonus call next when you take action before tonight at midnight.

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Derek Pierce

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How do you get your hair to look so damn cool?  I can't reveal that one 🙂

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Derek Pierce

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