Starting Over with your Internet Marketing Business

Yesterday, I got the following question sent to me…

“DP – what would you do if you’re a newbie or starting over?”

It’s been asked a million and one times.

I’m almost 40 and greying.

And I’ve been doing this online deal for 10 years if you count the real estate deals I plugged in on ebay back in the day.

Let me backtrack a bit…

When I was in the real estate business, I’d often pick up homes that were in need of a lot of repairs.

You’d walk into the smell of piss, rotting floors, and oftentimes see more drama from the homeowners than an episode of The Blacklist.

Death, divorce, and foreclosure were all common discussions when sitting down to make a deal.

Often it’s what you can’t see though that can make a deal go haywire.

I’d picked up a home from an elderly lady whose husband had died the previous year and now she was hanging on to a house that was once their home with the tenants from hell.

Husband had passed and now she’s attempting to be a landlord.

This lady looked beat up and was all of 100 pounds soaking wet.

And on top of all that her daughter had just been murdered the year before.

So, talk about a downer…

I carried my Realtor to look at the home and we walked in I could’ve cut the smoke with a knife, despite one of the tenants being on a breathing machine.

As I walked out my Realtor said –

“I’ve got to go get a shower before I go home -my husband will think I’ve been to the club! What were they smoking?”

I ended up buying the house for what I considered to be a great deal.

As soon, as the tenants were out – we began the renovation that would ultimately lead to my huge desire to quit the business…

It’s what I didn’t see…

I didn’t see that raccoons would climb into my attic and eat my newly installed central unit.

I didn’t see the huge dump truck that was there to remove an old building in the back getting stuck to a point it was standing straight up in the air and having to get a wrecker come pull it out.

I didn’t see the roofer backing up and hitting the house.

And I certainly didn’t see the leaking roof that seemed to never end despite having a new roof installed.

Yes, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t see nor did I plan.

However, it all worked out and I’m so grateful for this experience because it’s what made me realize there were just to many things that were out of my control.

This one deal is really what pushed me to find something better.

And ultimately led me to the decision to devote my attention to the online world.

Now, you’re probably thinking –

“Great Derek but what the hell does this have to do with marketing online and what does this have to do with the question?”

You doubting me?

I’ll bring it home for you amigo…

With the online business, there’s nowhere near the “unseen”.

You can see traffic estimates.

You can see links that people are using.

And there’s even apps where you can see everyone’s ads.

There’s nothing really hidden about it.

There’s always a clue for why sites or people are successful with their campaigns and websites.

It’s not like you’re inspecting a house in the dark filled with pot smoke.

You’re given so many clues that can speed up your level of success just from following a similar path.

That’s why your here – right?

So, here’s what I did and it’s worked out for me pretty well…

I tinkered with selling ebooks and that sort of stuff, but never saw any success with it until I began as an affiliate marketer.

The reason this is important is because creating a bunch of products takes time, money, and resources…

And you never know if it will sell to begin with.

On the flip side, if you begin as an affiliate marketer, you’re able to tap into products already for sale for a piece of the pie.

And I’d go deep into a niche that has multiple products for sale.

So for example…

Let’s look at the online space.

People that buy SEO software also buy traffic getting products.

They also buy tutorials on anything related to marketing.

They buy out of habit.

There’s a ton of markets just like this one where you can get paid on hundreds of different products with repeat buyers.

Think about this.

What would happen if you wrote a review or tutorial on every piece of software or training going live on the market?

You’re going to build a big ass authority site just from the sheer volume of post in a very short period of time.

You follow me?

While I’m building out this affiliate site, I’m working to also capture emails and build a following in that same niche.

Ultimately, after I’ve seen what people are looking for based on what I’ve sold – I ask myself the following questions-

“How can we make this better?

What would make it easier on me to perform the task?

What have I seen success with?

Can I build a software to make this better?”

And now we’re cooking.

See what I’m doing?

I’m using what I’ve done…

The keyword is “done”.

And I’m able to create a product around what I’ve done.

That can be either a tutorial or a software.

And I can use that to build my list and create additional revenue streams.

That’s exactly how I’m here.

And that’s exactly what I’d recommend to anyone starting out.

Now, I’ve got something cool happening tomorrow….

I’m releasing a new video for you.

It’s all about link juice and how the bots look at your content and website.

It’s going to be really eye opening for you and will explain how this process all works.

So, look for my email tomorrow.

If you're not on the list, you can join somewhere on this page.

And the video will contain the cleverly written subject line – “New Video”

Derek Pierce

PS – I’d love to tell you the above was all part of some sort of master plan of going the affiliate route first, building a list, and then selling my own stuff.

It would make me sound a heckuva lot smarter.

But that’s just not the case.

The fact is as bad as I hate to admit it-  it all happened by accident. 🙂

Derek Pierce

I'm the world's leading expert at writing awesome bio's, lover of dogs, affiliate marketing and SEO trainer.

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