The Customer Is Not Always Right

You’ve heard the saying “The customer is always right..”

Well, it’s complete horse shit

And that is the attitude you should begin to adopt for your business – right now.

For starters, most people are 100% cool, understanding and are good people.

I have a hard time believing that people mean any ill will at all.

And I absolutely love the fact that I’ve connected with some of the coolest people in the world for customers, partners, and readers.

However, occasionally you get the snot-nosed brat that’s very demanding and if you let him –

He’ll suck all of your creative, money making juice outta of you before you even start the day.

That’s why on occasion, it's ok to fire your customers.

Let me explain..

This past week I’m looking at all the positive comments from the Inner Circle call that we held on Monday, and then I see one message from a guy named Flaky Frank.

Flaky Frank’s a complainer.

He’s got unreal expectations.

He tries to talk big and talk down to others.

And if I had my guesses, he’s getting pushed around by clients every day.

“Where’s the site now?  

Why did it move?  

What are you doing today?”

Again, just my sneaky suspicion based off how he’s talking to my support desk.

Remember this —> If you don’t respect yourself and your time, no one else will respect you either.

So, Flaky Frank buys one of my software programs and messages my support desk a little after 5PM that he didn’t receive his login.

Which is no big deal right?

I mean stuff happens…

My team and I are always willing to help.

And as soon as we see the message at 8am the following morning, we’re on it to get his access straightened out.

However, I noticed he continues with more messages that same night before we even have the chance to resolve the issue.


“If you don’t get me this login tonight, I will ask for a refund!  I’m a busy man with clients and I don’t have time for this!”

I’m just going to say – this is not the way to win friends.

And I hope you’re not getting talked to by clients this way.

We have everything setup to send out an email as soon as someone picks up a software or any of our products…

Sometimes, tech fails.

Sometimes, the email gets dropped into a big black whole in cyberspace that no one knows where to begin to find it.

That I can not help.

If you think about it – “does anyone in their right mind believe the email not getting delivered was intentional?”

A few weeks ago on our Inner Circle call, I was building a PBN live on the call and the hosting company kept freezing up.

What is normally a 10 minute task took over an hour.

My point is stuff happens.

However, you’re in control of what it means to you.

You can be like this – “man that sucks because I was recording all this and now it’s ruined.”

Playing the victim card.

Or you can be like – “hey this is happening for a reason.  Maybe someone on the call needs to see that things are not 100% perfect, silky smooth all the time”

See the difference?

Let me ask you two questions – 

“What are your expectations?”

And if you have clients or customers – “what are their expectations?”

If you setup your business where you’re always responding, never taking time for yourself, and allow this type of behavior  -things will never change.

Which brings me back to Frank.

I honestly feel for the guy because if he’s talking to us like that, he must be under some serious pressure.

Maybe his wife is giving him crap, maybe he hasn't gotten any in a while.

Or maybe he had a bad day at work or a client is super demanding.

Regardless, we don’t allow that in my business.

It doesn’t matter if someone has bought a $20 product or a $5,000 product.

We are willing to help anyone, however we do not take demands.

That's where it stops.

And you shouldn’t either.

The next time someone pulls this kind of “do this or I will refund”, do yourself a favor and tell the client –

“Thanks but no thanks” and refund the money to them.

Even if you need the money.

Get rid of ‘em.

They’ll only be problems down the road and you’ve got bigger fish to fry…

Just know I’m pulling for you 🙂

Derek Pierce

PS – A couple of weeks ago they rolled out the new version of Penguin which is now suppose to be in real time.

Lots of folks freaking out…

Don’t be a “Debbie-Downer” about the update..

Be glad because this will create more opportunity and is what helps keep the demand for real SEO’rs.

Derek Pierce

I'm the world's leading expert at writing awesome bio's, lover of dogs, affiliate marketing and SEO trainer.

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