The Lingerie Department

This may be a little too much info for some you – regardless I’m going to tell you this anyway…

About 18 years ago I took this job I wasn’t exactly sure at the time if it was the right move.

The job was in one of those cell phone booth’s inside Wal-Mart.

I’d man this booth and occasionally would get on the PA system to work my mad mic skills to bring in customers.

One day I was going to the back to the restroom, when my world would change.

It changed almost instantly.

It was while I was going through the lingerie department.

At the time, I had no clue what had just happened however I was helpless.

It was the first time I laid eyes on my wife- Laura.

How many can say they met their soul mate in the lingerie department?

The thing about this was she’d just taken a summer job a couple of weeks before I’d taken mine.

Given that I was debating on the decision to take the job in the first place – I’ve often wondered…

What if either of us had not taken the jobs?

Would everything have happened the way it did?

I believe wholeheartedly everything lined up perfectly for us to meet.

And that things happen for a reason.

You and I are here right now for a reason.

And looking back, I know I made the right decision…

Speaking of decisions – today  I’m making a decision that I’m hoping opens an opportunity for you.

Here’s what’s up…

A few days ago, I opened up my Page One Reloaded plugin at a song and a dance to try to get as many case studies as possible.

Robert messaged me earlier and he’s already seeing his stuff pop in the search engines from after one day.

And I’ve seen the dummy site I built in about 2 minutes continue to climb.

Even though I hadn’t planned it out like that – I will say it was pretty cool to start seeing it show up in a couple of days.

I went to bed last night feeling excited about what was happening…

And, then this morning I got the following messages…

“ok;;MY MISTAKE…..

but after sending that mail..i went to bed…

now (tuesday am) it's closed.

so…will you “grandfather” me in?”

And here’s another email

“That sucks. Just saw. I wanted this thing and missed it the first time. It's 11:05pm. Not yet midnight. Sucks to be on Pacific Time. I lose all the time.”

So here’s what we’re gonna do.

I’ve done this 1 time in the past, so I don’t want to hear –

“Liar Liar Pants On Fire”

Don’t get use to it – because I always stick with the deadline.

But this is different.

Again, I’m trying to create as many case studies as possible so I can do a big, fancy launch at the end of the year.

So, I’m making an exception and re-opening the offer for 48 hours.

If the deal wasn’t good enough – I’m doing something to make the deal even better.

I’m going to include a bonus Q & A type workshop for anyone that picks this up during this special launch.

If you’ve already bought or part of my Inner Circle- don’t sweat it, you’ll get access to it already.

If not, don’t be left behind, make the decision right now that you’ve got another chance.

Go here to grab your copy now

Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce

I'm the world's leading expert at writing awesome bio's, lover of dogs, affiliate marketing and SEO trainer.

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