You’re Invited

Monday’s almost over.

You glad?

If you can make it till my web class on Wednesday – it will all be better.

In addition to the updates I'll be making here on PierceTV.

I’ve got your invitation to register here for my upcoming webclass.

This morning though, I walked into the laundry room into a big ole’ puddle of water.

5 years ago, I’d let it ruin my day.

I’d focused on why me?

Why didn’t the damn thing work more than 3 years?

Why today?

What’s next now?

However, that didn’t happen today.

Today – it was no big deal.

Just a gnat.

2 hours later and $1K I’ve got a new one lined up for in the morning.

I come back and started working on the training workshop for Wednesday, then on to setting up some new SEO campaigns this afternoon.

And even managed to pump some iron in the meantime.

Now, what if I’d let this crap kill my day?

The negative momentum could’ve not only killed today,

It also could’ve rolled throughout the whole week.

Instead, I made a decision to kick it to the curb, and find one today.

It was all in making the decision to do it.

A lot of people are wondering should I do SEO?

Does SEO work?

Should I build links?

Should I build this website?

Should I eat this doughnut?

(Wait… that’s not right – that’s my carb cravings kicking in)

In most instances, people will spend more time on mulling the decision around in their head than if they just made the decision and put the work in.

This past week, I made a decision that I have no clue if it’ll be right or wrong but we’re running with it.

That decision was to hold the Unstoppable SEO web class on the house :).

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these live, so I figured it’s time we do this and do it right.

It’s all happening this Wednesday, August 10th at 8PM EDT

Make the decision now to get registered and mark it on the calendar.

All you’ve got to do is…

Register by going here

Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce

I'm the world's leading expert at writing awesome bio's, lover of dogs, affiliate marketing and SEO trainer.

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